New investments at BUFAB Lann

Bufab Lann is one of the leading manufacturers in Sweden of turned parts. We have machining in state-of-the-art equipment with special skills of turning in CNC Single Spindle, CNC Multi Spindle and Rotary Transfer Machines, with range from prototypes to million-item series. We have continued to strengthen our machinery to ensure our production capacity, including improved lead times and increased productivity:

  • New Rotary Transfer Machine – Hydromat from Pfiffner Optimal machine for the larger series
  • New modern warehouse for our Raw material Capacity for in total 350 ton material up to 4 meter long bars
  • Index G200 The next generation of the turn–mill centre with more performance
  • CNC Multi Spindle – INDEX MS 22-8 Opens up additional opportunities for already unbeatably fast multi-spindle parts machining, especially highly complex precision parts
  • General Inspection Gi-100DT A high-speed vision based measuring machine. This system incorporates a series of front and back lit cameras to calculate a part’s height, profile and inner/outer diameters


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